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In this blog, you’ll see inspiring stories like the one from Taylor. Stories from people that put all their heart in helping the desinfranchised. Stories of rehabilitated people, those seen as lost souls in the eyes of many.

Life of a lifer become a top rated among prison related podcasts. It brings a fresh perspective giving a voice to the disenfranchised. The show also talks about and features many projects that Taylor Conley and Designed conviction work on. Including art, music, and much more, such as the free Taylor project.

As the story continues, Life of a Lifer becomes filled with more stories of change. Voices you would otherwise never have a chance to hear from.

Life of a lifer is also represented as an animation of the podcast based on the character of Taylor Conley. It is also closely linked to the free Taylor project.

The Rise of Dave’s Killer Bread

The Rise of Dave’s Killer Bread

Learn how Dave Dahl was introduced to art in prison and how it changed his mindset, paving his way to millions. happiness be bought? Perhaps. If it comes in the form of art. Music. Or anything that resonates with your soul, and sparks joy. (In my case it’s a turkey sandwich on Dave’s Good Seed bread.) Money doesn’t equal happiness. Happiness comes from within.

The Animated Series

Taylor may be in prison but we turned him into a cartoon! You got to check this out on our YouTube channel. Just click the button